Hi 👋, I am Vigneshwaran

I'm a Python developer who enjoys learning and contributing to the community. I currently work as a Developer in Bengaluru. In my free time, I enjoy coding, exploring technology, taking solo motorcycle rides, and trying new things.


  • Python Programming: Proficient in writing custom Python scripts.

  • Machine Learning Development: Expertise in Document AI, as well as creating schemas, synthetic documents, and training ML models.

  • Project Management: Skilled in agile development methodologies and project management tools to manage projects effectively and deliver high-quality results within deadlines.

  • Customer Support: Experienced in mitigating customer issues and providing support.

  • Quality Assurance: Proficient in testing the pipeline of new products.

  • Team Management: Capable of managing a team, providing clear instructions and assigning tasks.

Contact Me

Email me at ceo@techviki.com

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